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Aquaman Statue

Who on earth would want a statue of David apron? The statue of David?? Well I have heard of the statue of David and I read a really good book once which used the statue of David as a metaphor for carving out your own life. Good book! But an apron with the statue of David on it?

I started to think of all the different reasons why somebody would want a statue of David apron when I realised there was such a thing. Perhaps somebody who is into art in a big way particularly Michelangelo. Who out there thought that Michelangelo only painted the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel? That is what he is most famous for but it was not until I read the book that I realised that he carved the David! I went to the Sistine Chapel once and there is a statue there that has not got much of a foot left as everyone rubs it when they walk past as it is supposed to be good luck.

Who else would wear this apron? What about an art teacher? Have you noticed how I always seem to bring the word ‘art’ into it? For some reason I cannot see a stone mason wearing an apron with statue of David on it! What about people who sculpt or work with clay? Or what about someone who has everything and just wants something a little bit different?

I am now using my imagination but what about somebody who has a reproduction statue of David in their garden that wants to introduce that splendour into their house? Or maybe someone who managed to find the statue of David emblazoned on wall tiles and used them in their kitchen? Maybe the statue of David will get fashionable and you will be able to get kitchen paper towels with it on or even toilet tissue! Now there’s a thought! Michelangelo would turn in his grave!

Perhaps there is a business in manufacturing products in a range called ‘The David’? What about The David washing up liquid or bath bubbles, or make up, what about lingerie? The David bra and panties or perhaps The David Y fronts, how about The David bed covers, or better still... carpet! Maybe we could invent everything with The David on it, so your whole house could be fitted out?

Actually just a little bit of trivia about the David while we are on the subject and you are deciding whether to purchase a statue of David apron... did you know that when Michelangelo carved the David, his head was actually much bigger than the rest of his body? There have been some creative reasons given as to why this is the case but it is simply because the statue was so tall, that anyone looking up at him from his feet would have only seen some sort of a pin head if Michelangelo had not compensated by giving him such a big ‘bonce’!

Whatever the reason might be for you, I know a place where you can get a statue of David apron and it is worth a look as there is so much information on this and every apron you can think of!

You are invited to review further information about the statue of david apron at our web site. There you will find sources that delve much deeper into the world of aprons.