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Aquaman Tv Cartoon

The infamous Danish depiction of Allah in a college newspaper cartoon has sparked controversy and chaos for Christians in countless countries. It is amazing that civilizations allow themselves to be controlled by such contrived chaos. In fact many Islamic folks are not over concerned with the claim of conspiracy from the college cartoon. But some Clerics in a couple countries took the cartoon to the constituency and claimed that the Christians could careless about their culture.

In a World, which is woefully wondering where it is wondering and Clerics are certain that they do not wish to lose control as their civilization is quickly combining with the Christian world. What is the lesson here? Well it is this; if we are to get along in the future as one world and live side-by-side then we must tolerate each otherís differences and celebrate our special unique cultures. This clash of civilizations and chaos of cartoons is simply controversy we can do without.

In the end if we cannot laugh at ourselves rather than being embattled in riots or embroiled to seek a reciprocal response over cartoons and words then we can never reach the future destiny of peace on Earth. Consider this in 2006.

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