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Batman Birthday Party Ideas

Since the 1930s, one of the most popular superheroes for kids of all ages has been Batman. As a result, many will ask that they have a Batman-themed birthday party, complete with all the Batman accessories and party supplies.

Thankfully, the task of putting together a Batman-themed birthday party is not as difficult as one might think, due in part to many of the Batman party supplies you can find on the web.

Batman is just one of many different superheroes, therefore when you have your party, why not turn everyone into a superhero? When you send out your invitations, ask each person who their favorite superhero is other than Batman. When they respond back, you can begin putting together capes and insignias to correspond with the superhero the child selected. Save Batman for the birthday boy, but let everyone else dress up as his or her own favorite superhero when they arrive.

Then, as you have assembled the Justice League, you can have a mock battle between the good superheroes and the evil super villain (played by mom or dad) who wants to take over the world. This activity will not only make the kids feel special and heroic, it will give them something to burn energy off on before the cake and presents come.

A fun activity for all the children is to make a fun utility belt out of various craft supplies. After you have made the belt, let the kids put what they want on it, whether it is streamers, stickers or any number of things. This activity puts their imaginations to work and gets them thinking in the mind of Batman.

Batman's arch enemy is The Joker, so why not get all your little superheroes together in an effort to find The Joker. You can usually get a large clown balloon at various stores, and then all you have to do is hide it somewhere in the house, but not before you put candy in it, and give the children various clues on where it is. Then the children will search the house to find The Joker, and when they do, they can have fun battling him until he pops and the candy inside comes out.

Batman-themed parties can be a lot of fun, combined with some easy to find crafts and party supplies, you can turn a normal Batman-themed birthday party into a superhero affair!

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