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Batman Villains - The Story Behind The Riddler

The Riddler is one of the more interesting Batman villains. He is obsessed with word puzzles, riddles and word games.

In fact, when the Riddler commits a crime, he leaves some sort of riddle to give Batman clues. He is pictured as a suave type of guy in all green, and with a mischievous look in his eyes.

He usually wears a mask that goes around his eyes, and walks with a large cane that is a stretched question mark. What makes the Riddler the most interesting of Batman's villains is his sickness or insanity.

In order for the Riddler to commit a crime, he must be able to explain it in some sort of riddle or puzzle. He allows the victim and the rescuer, usually Batman, a chance to try and solve the riddle or puzzle.

You would think he would just stop giving clues so he could get away with his crimes. His own compulsion forces him to place the crime in some sort of riddle.

He is not able to leave the scene of a crime without leaving a clue in the form of a puzzle or riddle. The Riddler often works with two females who assist him, named Query and Echo.

In one story, the Riddler is said to suffer from cancer. After curing his cancer with a Lazarus Pit, he offers to help another person cure his mother of cancer, in exchange for help in defeating Batman.

He then commands other villains to go after Batman. Batman's villains, of course, are defeated, but this character is definitely… well, a character!

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