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Doomsday - The Superman Villain Behind the Death of Superman

Do you want to know what there is about Doomsday? Your chance is finally here. Doomsday first appeared in 1992 in Superman: The man of steel. Doomsday was a creation by a scientist from an alien world, trying to create the perfect life form. The process which created Doomsday was the most pity invoking of all Superman villains.

During Krypton's most violent time, as an infant, he was put out in the horrific atmosphere to die. When the baby died, whatever was left was harvested and used again to recreate him, only to let him die again. This process happened thousands of thousands of times so that this being would be a better, stronger life each time until he reached perfection. Doomsday would forever carry the memory of these deaths and eventually force him to detest all living things.

For this most menacing of Superman villains, defeating the entire Justice League was achieved easily, and this caught Superman's attention. In fact, he battled the team with one hand tied behind his back, literally. There was only one of the group who had any chance of defense against Doomsday, and that was Maxima. Once Superman and Doomsday meet, they are ready to battle. Much unlike other Superman villains, Doomsday was more than a match for Superman, and in one battle, they both fought hard and long, with Superman taking serious damage and losing strength quickly. Both of them would continue to fight, neither would concede.

At the end of possibly the greatest comic book battle of all time, each of the fighters simultaneously struck the other with a fatal blow. Thus, the end of Superman, and the legacy lives on. At that point, a Cyborg took Doomsday to a place faraway, never to return again, so they thought.

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