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People just cant seem to get enough of a few musicians and bands in this world. These exceptional artists stir so much attention and excitement whenever they come to town. Itís easy to name a few that hold such a high status in the history of our planet.

Elvis Presley is most probably on the top of the list of great musical artists. We all know him as the king, and he is probably the single most famous musician that ever lived.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones follow close behind Elvis. And to be fair, I will admit that Michael Jackson is also one of the great musical artists. He was actually deemed the most popular performer of our time, although some folks can't stand him.

The Rolling Stones is one of the groups that always get plenty of attention in the United States. Are you aware of The Rolling Stones tour dates for this year? If you want to get tickets, then you better try to get them far in advance.

Although I may hurt the feelings of some of their fans, but I have to say that I do not care for The Rolling Stones. This is why The Rolling Stones tour dates and concert tickets mean nothing to me.

Now I'm not trying to convince anyone to hate this band. Iím just trying to say that it's all about personal preference in this world. There are a lot of personal reasons why Iím not concerned about The Rolling Stones tour dates.

Let me tell you why I don't care for them as musicians. Well first of all, they were before my time. You see Iím still quite young and I graduated in college in 1998. You can't expect me to go crazy over The Rolling Stones tour dates and tickets. The main reason why I donít like The Rolling Stones is that I donít think Mick's vocals are very good.

In fact, I think that the guy can barely sing. If you try to compare him to Amy Lee of "Evanescence" or Brian McKnight, you can see that Mick is clearly an inferior singer regardless of what age he is. And finally, I must have missed the bandwagon, because I don't really like theirs music as well.

Now that I've managed to make a lot of Rolling Stones fans angry, let me again encourage you to hop on the Internet and check out the current Rolling Stones tour dates and ticket prices.

Almost everything can now be found on the World-Wide-Web, and every die hard fan of the Rolling Stones can surely get information on the Rolling Stones tour dates and tickets on the web.

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