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Superhero Birthday Party Ideas for Super Kids Birthday Parties

The superhero birthday party idea is a great all round fun kid's birthday party theme suitable for both boys and girls. Dressing up is not a problem, finding superman capes or bat girl masks could not be easier. Kid's birthday party games are simple to create and adjust a little to go just right with the superhero theme birthday party idea.

You can start having fun with your superhero birthday party idea right from sending out the birthday party invitations. Visit children's fans sites to really see what you could do with your superhero themed birthday party idea. Many sites may even offer birthday invitation templates to fill in and print and well as suggesting a variety of kid's birthday party games to make the special day a huge success.

Decorating for your superhero birthday party idea is also probably even more fun for the parents than the party itself. Well perhaps not as much fun as the kids birthday party games, but almost. You could make the table cloth by sticking older comic magazine pages over large paper sheets. Cans of "silly string" are too much fun to spray around the house or the yard; you could leave these out for the older kids to spray themselves. I don't recommend giving little one aerosol propulsion cans although, leave this job up to the big kids( if they could possibly do this without having silly string fights, the temptation might be a little too much to resist ) or do it yourself then carefully dispose of the empty cans.

As for the rest of the decorations you could get a little creative digging into the Halloween decoration collection for Spiderman and Batman. Or get crafty and make some tall Styrofoam buildings for Superman, and look for some good old fashioned green slime goo and paint some rocks in lime green paint for kryptonite.

You can get very creative when planning the kid's birthday party games for the superhero birthday party idea. For the sports enthusiastic boys you could create a superheroes obstacle course. For something less strenuous you could try the X-Ray vision game, simply blindfold them and have then guess an object you out into their hands. If your really keen for something to keep them amused while you tend to the other duties, like cake, if having a Superman party try a game of find the joker, i.e. hide individual playing cards round the house or the lawn and promise a price to the kid that brings in the joker.

At the parties end you could display the wonderful photographs of the day in the form of a comic strip. Imagine the fun you and your child could have creating the script for the comic strip together and talking about the events of the party.

Now it would be worth remembering that superheroes do sometimes get a little boisterous and at the end of a long days party the BAMs and KERPOWs don't get any quieter, especially after a few kryptonite cups, so I suggest you enjoy the party also to make it all worthwhile.

Then when Superman is sleeping you can relax and remind yourself that you have a whole 12 months before having to do it all over again. They are seriously not kids for long enough enjoy every minute of it with them and cherish the memories your superhero birthday party idea will bring you both.

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