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MP3 is a popular encoding and compression format for digital audio. The term MP3 is an acronym for MPEG-1 Layer 3. Using the MP3 format, larger digital audio files can be shrunk to a fraction of their size, losing a little of the sound quality in the process. Compared to the reduction in file size and ease of download, the reduction in quality is negligible and usually not very noticeable.

MP3 downloads are becoming hugely popular these days, because they allow several songs or pieces of audio to be stored without occupying a large amount of storage space.

MP3 files can be played either on a computer, using software applications such as Winamp or Windows media player, or they can be played on specialized MP3 players such as the Apple IPod. MP3 audio files may be played on recently manufactured DVD Players and CD players.

MP3 files are usually downloaded from websites on the Internet. Once downloaded, MP3 files can also be copied to compact discs or to MP3 players, using a data transfer cable.

MP3 files of popular music are available for download for as low as $1. Websites such as the ITunes online music store, operated by Apple, are very popular and boast of a huge library of music that can be purchased online. Even though MP3 files can be downloaded from the Internet for free, downloading copyrighted music without permission is illegal and can be termed piracy.

MP3 downloads help a person to build a music library. MP3 downloads also helps upcoming and unknown artists promote their music cost effectively. All they need to do is to post their music online for free downloads and they can be sure of reaching a large audience.

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