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Superman Theme

The Birthday Invitation

The birthday invitation does not just give vital information about when and where, it sets your theme (a crucial factor in you planning) so make sure you give thought to the birthday invitation. It helps if you view the birthday invitation as setting up the first party activity by introducing some anticipation and excitement for the theme. Whether your theme be a treasure hunt, a dinosaur themed party, or a super heroes fancy dress party, don't miss out on the opportunity to set things up properly in the birthday invitation. Otherwise, you'll have to do it when all the guests have arrived which is a lot trickier than it sounds.

How many children?

As with all parties, you'll need some idea of how many guests will be attending. You may hear talk of a rule of thumb that says that you should aim for as many guests as the age of your child, but I certainly remember there being more than six people at my sixth birthday party! All I can really say is on this point is that you should keep numbers manageable. It would be a good idea to enlist the help of another parent, if they are prepared to give it, and in this way you may be able to make the event one for adults too. However, you will need to keep the event children centred and there are many ways you can do this, which I discuss below.

How long will the party be?

Two hours is long enough for a child's party so plan for this time. Make sure that the birthday invitation has the start and end time on it.

Your theme and your activities

Having set up your theme in the birthday invitation, stick to it during the party and adapt all your activities to fit the theme. Look to your child's interests for themes that work. Your child's favourite animal or cartoon character will work well.

Have pictures and items connected with the theme animal or character around the house and garden, and then cover tables with coverings which match the colours of your theme character or animal. For example, if the theme is Superman, then cover tables with red and blue cloth to match Superman's outfit.

Children need changes of focus, so plan for a number of fifteen minute activities and keep things moving until it is time for cake and ice cream. You should adapt your activities to fit the theme, although the best activities remain the traditional old favourites. A treasure hunt becomes a Superman treasure hunt for items connected with Superman, and prizes connected with Superman. Pin the tail on the donkey is adapted into pin the cape on Superman and musical chairs become Superman musical chairs with music from the movie. You get the idea. If you are short of a few activities, the internet is a great resource for ideas.

When it is time for cake an ice cream, make sure that the cake and ice cream fit the theme. You can bake a cake yourself, or your local cake shop will be able to help, but make sure that you give them enough notice. It would be a good idea to show them the birthday invitation so that they are completely aware of the theme. They may even be able to suggest ideas for the meal time! Remember to continue with your theme at the meal time by doing things like make your own Superman sundae with red and blue coloured sweets and decoration.

You can even buy themed party packages, which have everything from the birthday invitations to the activities and games all included.

Hiring a professional

This is where the biggest cost element will come in, but a well chosen guest can really make the party. Depending on your theme, you could hire Superman, a fairy princess, or a clown. However, if you are strapped for cash then do not worry, because children can do without expensive attractions as long as you keep them entertained. Will the superman outfit fit you? Just imagine how your kid and his or her friends will feel when they find out that, yes, you are Superman! If you enter into the spirit of things, then no one will miss the professional!

Stephen Turner 2006.

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