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Vintage Comic Books

Buying vintage comic books need not be a hit-or-miss affair. You need to know how to safely buy vintage comic books, so that scheming traders donít rip you off. Here are some tips:

Check for authenticity. Make sure the comic books you are looking for are in excellent condition and have complete pages that are graded accordingly by the seller. Have the comics authenticated by organizations like the Comics Guaranty or any reputable third-party grading company. You will need to spend a little more money for these services, but it is comic insurance. After all, you donít to spend your hard-earned money on cheap reproductions.

Buy only from trustworthy sellers. Online auctions are dangerous places to buy expensive vintage comic books, since you do not know the seller, and you have no guarantee that the item is in the condition declared. You also have no idea if it will be shipped to you as promised. So be sure to check a seller's feedback rating. Avoid sellers with negative feedback. Try messaging former customers to ask if the dealer really sent genuine vintage comics.

Never pay too much. Before bidding on or buying a comic, be sure to check around for its value. There are many helpful sites on the Internet that are free -- take advantage of them. You should likewise network with other collectors to hear about their buying experiences and get advice on pricing.

Protecting vintage comic books

Your vintage comic books are worth a lot of money. It only makes sense to protect them from the elements and day-today wear and tear. Experts advise you to put them in Mylar plastic bags with slim cardboard to prevent damage. Store them in a cardboard box designed just for comic books. All of these protective supplies are available at your local comic book store.

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