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What Does Aquaman Say

From the popular comic the Justice League, a group of super heroes joined together to fight the evil forces and end the war for peace. Justice League is a very popular comic book in the old times but most of the readers of this comic book are adults. The comic was found mature and very interesting for teenagers to adults. And as time passes they create a television series of the justice league but somehow they target the kids to watch this show, because of the maturity of the comics they change the image, the character and some others. To make it more appropriate for kids to watch them. They entitled it as Super Friends. Super Friends is compose of superheroes namely...

Superman, also known as Clark Kent known as the last Kryptonian from the planet krypton. By the destruction of their planet he was sent to earth by his parents to live. But an unusual thing happen that somehow he get an inhumane strength by the sun solar rays. He was able to attain the ability to fly, shoot laser from his eyes, create whirlpools from his speed, to have great power enough to destroy everything from his path and to be as hard as a metal and by that he was called as The Man of Steel.

Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana she is an Amazon from Greek mythology. Daughter of Queen Hippolyta or Hippolyta, the known Queen of the Amazons. Wonder Woman, received different awards that was given by the Olympian Gods, this include the Lasso of Truth from the girdle of the Earth-Goddess Gaea and the indestructible Bracelets and Gauntlets formed from the Shield Aegis created by Hephaestus. Wonder woman has attain traits from other Gods such as Aphrodite to her beauty that cannot be compared from other goddesses, Athena to be as wise as ever, Hermes to be as swift as the wind and Hercules to be the strongest even though being a half-god.

Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne the richest man in Gotham City. By the murder of his parents in the hands of The Joker. He find vengeance by the death of his parents and by this he created a costume that will hid his identity, weapons for his protection and a base as his hide-out it is called as the Bat Cave. He fight crime in the midst of darkness, in day as Bruce Wayne and by night as Batman The Cape Crusader.

Robin, also known as Dick Grayson the youngest of a family act called the "Flying Graysons". By the death of his family in an accident or what others have seem to think that happened, but most likely they we're murdered by a man called Boss Zucco. He was been adopted by Bruce Wayne by the same way they experience the lost of their parents.

Aquaman, also known as Arthur Curry, son of Tom Curry a lighthouse keeper, and Atlanna, a water-breathing outcast from the lost, Underwater City of Atlantis. In his young age he discovered that he possessed superhuman abilities, that includes the power to survive underwater, able to communicate with sea creatures, and the ability to move skillfully undersea. And his superhuman abilities he decide to become the Earth's Ocean Defenders.

Green Lantern, also known as Hal Jordan, the second-generation of green lantern. Hal Jordan was given a power ring and battery (lantern) by a dying alien called Abin Sur. Abin was pointed as Green Lantern of Space Sector of 2814, he met Jordan at the time when his spaceship crashed landed on earth. And by the power of the ring he appointed Hal Jordan as the new Green Lantern. The Green Lantern attain great powers by his ring and with that ring he is able to fly, cast a huge force field, create a special dress for Green Lanterns, produced a green solid light(creating cages, transportation platforms, weapons, walls, tools and etc.), it is limited depends on the ring-bearer's willpower. It can also generate a powerful bolt of plasma, and capable to scan energy signatures. One of the amusing power of the rings is that it can automatically seek out a suitable replacement whenever a Lantern dies.

Flash, also known as Barry Allen, a very slow, deliberate, and frequently late police scientist. And then one night while he was preparing to leave work, a lightning bolts struck in his chemical and directly spill them all over to Allen. In that incident he find himself extremely fast with a matching reflexes. He create a red costume with a flashing gold lightning and called himself The Flash. He start to fight crime and stop evil from lurking out of the street of Central City. And in his civilian identity, he stores his costume in his ring, which he can eject and suck it back in his time of needs.

Hawk Man, also known as Carter Hall, an American Archaeologist. Carter Hall is a reincarnation of Prince named Khufu in Ancient Egypt, Khufu who had a feud with an Egyptian Priest Hat-set. The Priest Hat-set captured Prince Khufu and his wife Chay-Ara, that ends up killing them both. As Hall have found an ancient knife that has been used to kill Khufu, he somehow regains his memories from his past life and recognized that the Priest who killed him has also been reincarnated in a man named Anton Hastor. By using the properties of "Nth metal" it crafted a gravity-defying belt and by this Hall creates his wings and costume. And then he confront Hastor as Hawkman.

And finally the Original heroes from Hanna Barbera The Black Vulcan, an African American Superhero with the ability to produce a huge amount of electricity. The Apache Chief a Native American Superhero with the ability to make himself large by saying the word "Inyuk-chuk". And for last The Samurai, also known as Toshio Eto with the ability to manipulate the element of wind. He can make himself fly, create tornado's around his lower body and to conjure powerful gusts from his hands that can knock back objects.

From the comics made by DC namely the Justice League, and so they create a television series for kids that has been presented by Hanna-Barbera and named as Super Friends.

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Author: R. Lorenzo